A little bit about my work…

This dew drop world,
Is a dew drop world,
And yet, and yet……

Kobayashi Issa

I take inspiration from the ephemeral, the delicate, that which we are on the point of losing; the negative spaces left behind by the silent, unknowable figures in old photographs, the delicate leaf skeleton on the point of decay, or the constantly changing appearance of flowing water as the light moves across its surface.

They echo our own short lived existence, our dew drop world.

My practice is constantly evolving, but printmaking is a constant. I use the printmaking studio as if it were a laboratory, experimenting with ways of producing images, finding new ways to express myself.

I often arrive in the studio with little more than a loose set of drawings, an old, found photograph, or a half remembered poem as inspiration and work spontaneously based on these.

My images tend to be about atmosphere and experience rather than literal representation.

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